Nikon AH-4 – The Best Gadget for Traveling

Nikon hand strap
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Nikon AH-4

It is also very easy to use and can adjusted quickly with our hand, because Nikon AH-4 not using any Velcro handcuff. So, it makes our hand have more freedom of movement to adjust all camera settings. Besides that, the lower left attachment quickly releases to allow easy in and out of the hand strap. It makes the comfort level of this hand strap better than any other hand strap on the market.

Made from soft leather, this makes it very durable and reliable every time we use it. It comes with its own camera body plate adapter, which makes the strap fit in with the camera bodies. The adapter also includes a tripod thread of its own, this allows the AH-4 to be mounted on camera bodies with and without a battery. The body plate also allows one side of a neck strap to be attached, this will makes us still attached the neck strap together with this hand strap.

Nikon as one of the popular names in the photography world, has provided a wide range of product with good qualities on photography world, well-known best for its camera and lens. Now, Nikon offers it’s Nikon AH-4 that will help us much easier to take picture while on a travel.

Traveling to a new place we have never visit would be a pleasant experience, especially when we can capture every special moment on with our camera. But it can be bothering for us to capture that moment if the camera is constantly going in and out of a bag on our travel; we might lose the right moment or drop the camera.

Nikon AH-4 is a very useful hand strap which can make sure we are always ready to take a picture, because it is attached the camera to our hand. Ergonomically designed for comfort and security, this hand trap would greatly improve your stability and accuracy while taking a picture, which is better than having to take out the camera from its bag or when using the neck strap. With a solid 3-way solid strap, you wont lose your grip on your camera, which probably happens if we use the neck strap.

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